Learn About a Better Way of Living Through Facilitism


TaxFree for All Sound wonderful?

It is!

A retired CPA, CA who also has a University Degree in Economics and Business from a Canadian University developed this new way. It’s not complicated, yet covers all aspects of our lives here on Planet Earth.

I call it Facilitism (another ism); loaded with great Benefits for all, where:

  • Love replaces fear

  • Integrity replaces deceit

  • Openness replaces secrecy

  • Counsellors replace politicians

  • Administrations replace bureaucracies

  • Arbitrators replace lawyers
    and rulers are redundant

Once fully implemented this new way will result in:

  • Freedom instead of slavery

  • Peace instead of war

  • Harmony instead of stress

Think impossible?

It can happen


Sound daunting?

In some ways it is.

But then the old systems—particularly capitalism— have
already had lots of time and are now antiquated and dying.
Something new and different is desperately needed, something simple.

Additional Blogs will provide more details.
If, however, you prefer to know more right away, please download your Copy of Freedom’s Dawning, a solution to the problems of Planet Earth and her people by Ronald Lyle McPherson.
at: facilitism.com
You will be amazed

Love be with you