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Facilitism’s funding system eliminates all taxes

At the same time, it provides all the funds needed to:

 • Repair or Replace all infrastructure systems

 • Enable Free Healthcare and Free Education

 • Create Jobs for All

 • Eliminate Poverty

           and much more…


Never before possible, a better world can now be achieved


Find out how:

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Ronald Lyle McPherson

I was born during the Great Depression, graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in Economics and Business, obtained my Chartered Accountancy designation, and have served clients in Canada and Internationally in the USA, and UK. I recently retired from public practice as a CPA, CA.


Dealing with the ever-increasing complexity of taxes in each of the three countries and more recently for the European Union, I quickly realized that the only solution is to have no taxes anywhere—thus Facilitism.



Freedom's Dawning


(North America Only)

(215 pages)

A wondrous new world without taxes and no poverty. See how we convert from our existing antiquated money system to Facilitism, with plenty for all.

$17.00 (CDN)

(=$12.75 US$)


Freedom's Dawning

Digital Download

(215 pages)

A wondrous new world without taxes and no poverty. See how we convert from our existing antiquated money system to Facilitism, with plenty for all.


(=$5.25 US$)

A Better World for All

Digital Download

FREE Download

(64 pages)

A quick read, an amazing discovery, easily started, sustainable for all people everywhere.

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What is Facilitism?

 A new ism designed to replace old unworkable systems such as Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism.


How can we live without money?

Banks already exist without money. They merely make entries in their computers to record transactions and create debt along with interest charges.


Can Facilitism’s computer system really be totally secure?

No computer system can be totally secure. The current banking system, however, seems to work exceptionally well.


Why hasn’t something like Facilitism been tried before?

Parts of it have. But not until recently have we had the technology for such a system as Facilitism to come into being and function. - for the benefit of all.


Who Benefits from Facilitism?



Where can Facilitism start functioning?

 The people in any self-sufficient country or group of countries can implement


When will Facilitism start to function?

 As soon as enough people who need it, want it.


What is the prime principal of Facilitism?

Love one another.



"No matter how people interpret Freedom's Dawning, I believe that they will find it a valuable source of information and inspiration, with hope for the future."


North York, Ontario, Canada


"What guts you had to write this book (Freedom's Dawning). I love your premise and I agree 100% with your view of where the world is today."


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"I found the comparison to Monopoly Game perfect. It brought into perspective how it all works now and how the vision would play itself out. I found the word Facilitism to be brilliant."


London, Ontario, Canada


"Sincere congratulations on having the guts and perseverance to publish Freedom's Dawning. I share your dislike of the banking system and have been a victim myself, just like so many others. As for the law, I gave it up when I became aware of the profound difference between the law and justice."




"An impressive presentation (Freedom's Dawning). Hopefully, in time, the message and leadership will assist in a movement towards a more just society."


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


"A Better World for All is the Reader's Digest version of Mr. McPherson's first opus Freedom's Dawning, reviewed by Walt way back in 2010. See Facilitism: a better answer?"

Walt Whitman




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